“MAKE YOUR DREAM REALITY” – Positive Cashflow, or is it Capital Growth?

When looking at any potential purchase or renovation it is important to understand what your investment goal is.  It is always wise to consider not one but several areas of criteria. Question your motivations and below are a few suggestions:

  • Am I looking for and investment property for yield and positive cashflow?  (Remember this is not a “heart purchase” but a “calculated brain purchase” where figures have to stack up).
  • Is Capital Growth my expectation?  How long could that take?
  • Would a property for renovation assist me to manufacture short term equity gains?
  • Do I have the potential to add a granny flat to my existing home or purchase?
  • Could a Dual Income property tick my boxes to assist my cashflow?
  • Should I consider Property Development?

person handing keys

As property investors ourselves and having a Multi-Award Winning Building Design practice within SPG, these are questions that we always ask our client’s.  Sometimes re-thinking your options can be a creative way to make a decision. With tiny houses, granny flats and dual living becoming a great market driver this is the time to consider how best to make the most of your funds.

We are passionate about creative liveable spaces and have the expertise and knowledge to assist you whichever route you choose, be it purchasing a new home or an investment through our Property Buyer’s Agents, building a new home, renovating a new purchase or adding value to your existing property with assistance from SSB Design Studio, we are by your side all the way.

A property journey should be an enjoyable experience and we promise to help, encourage and walk you through your decision making process with a transparent and realistic assessment of the way forward and we have excellent business partners to assist you too!

“Make YOUR Dream a REALITY”!  by taking the first step we are just a call away 0405 432 015

Author: Simon Scott Owner Scott Property Group, and Principal Designer SSB Design Studio

www.scottpropertiesgroup.com.au   and www.ssbdstudio.com.au

e: hello@scottpropertiesgroup.com.au

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