Case Study: Expat Client from Hong Kong saves $525,000 on One Purchase


Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Not all purchasers are the same!  That was most definitely the case when we worked with an Expat Client from Hong Kong.

The brief was complex to say the least and it required a high level of due diligence and commitment over a few months.

We became not only their Buyers Agents, but it seemed at times their travel agent too!  Due to the complexity of the brief and the broad area of location possibilities our focus was ensuring that we worked with the absolute best agents in the relative areas.  We actually interviewed agents in Perth, Stradbroke Island, Whitsunday Islands and Noosa.  Noosa was not an issue as we have great contacts, but the other locations were not within our normal remit, so it was imperative we found the right agents for the job and thankfully they were all awesome!

So why Scott Properties Group?

The thing that our client appreciated most from the start was that we were not a huge company and liked the idea of a family team, (mother and son) and the obvious advantage of over 40 years joint experience in the real estate and building design industries. The other important factor was confidentiality within a small team and that we only take on a small number of clients at a time. This made them feel comfortable and confident that with such a complex purchase and not knowing where in Australia would suit them, that we would take the necessary time to source, view and recommend desirable properties.

Simon being a Multi-Award-Winning Build Designer and a former lead Architect in a Blue Chip Practice in London, meant that they could get immediate advice regarding ideas they had for the properties and what would be easy and what would be more difficult to achieve and thereby assisting in their final decision.

So how did we achieve our client’s goal?

Getting the brief absolutely defined was the biggest challenge.  We know through experience that brief’s change, but this brief was very complex in that our clients wanted water access to a property from the ocean and either a helipad in place or suitable land to build one, total privacy with views.

To enable this project to commence our clients partner travelled to Australia to view properties that we had selected.  The trip to Perth was a private trip in essence but we arranged for a few properties to be viewed in Margaret River by way of comparison and had an amazing agent assisting us.

The trip then commenced with us meeting our client’s partner in Brisbane and then travelling up to Noosa and staying a couple of nights and viewing properties and then driving back down to Brisbane to catch the ferry over to Stradbroke Island where we were all blown away by the off-market possibilities that were presented to us and the dedication and local knowledge of the agents.

With the Whitsunday Islands then coming into the equation, Sue flew up with our client’s partner for several days visiting the crème de la crème of property on offer.  Never before have either of us been 24/7 with a client and it was a very interesting cultural, social experience as well as being a fantastic property buying project.

Sue eventually flew back to Brisbane with our client’s partner and the decision to short list properties to show our client when he arrived in Australia in another 7days time, went full steam ahead. There were several completely different reasons for the final choices and were based on numerous discussions back and forth to Hong Kong. It was necessary to eliminate properties, so our clients decided on 2 locations Whitsunday Islands and Noosa. We arranged for them to both fly up to the Whitsundays and stay in one of the properties of choice to get the feel of it and then flew back to Brisbane to meet with us in Noosa.

The property that sang out to them was in fact the very first property that we sourced! So often the case….. However, the property went off market during the month before our clients arrived although we had viewed it whilst it was “quietly” on the market.  Fortunately, we knew the agent extremely well and had already spoken to the owners on our initial visit, so arranged a private viewing which lasted several hours and YES!! …….they went to contracts after some pretty heavy negotiating on our part the following morning.

The dealmaker for the vendor and our buyer client, was that we offered to purchase not just the house set in 5 acres of beautiful private gardens with a huge lake but also purchase a further 5 acres the vendor owned on the adjoining block with a studio, a separate lake, access to Noosa River, an orchard and so much more!  So, a small private estate on 2 titles was in the making.

We had 4 hours to then arrange for our clients to meet a Conveyancer in Noosa and organise a Building and Pest Inspection, as settlement was going to be short and our clients were flying back to Hong Kong that night.  Phew! It was full on for sure but equally great fun and so grateful to our amazing business contacts who worked magic for us.

Due to confidentiality we can’t divulge the actual location but let your imagination run riot and that will probably be reality!

We are pleased to say that our clients were so pleased with the outcome and so were we, that we could achieve a great result with a very complex brief and actually able to source a choice of properties and find “the one”!

This is what our clients said.

Thank you, and please thank all the fabulous agents that you have worked with, it was a pleasure to meet every individual one of them. We appreciated all the arrangements that you made for our travels and for accompanying us over several days staying in Noosa, over on the Ferry to Stradbroke Island flying up to the Whitsunday Islands, and then arranging a water taxi for us to explore the Noosa River before we finally decided, as it really assisted us seeing the property from the water access.

“Greetings from HK., Firstly may I say a big ‘thank you’ for your wonderful assistance and first-class communication.  So impressive.
Thank you”

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