Having an Multi-Award Winning Building Designer on your team can provide you with insights into the design of the home and any impact this may have on the property’s future potential. You will also receive advise and concepts detailing how a house may be renovated or extended.

Timely advice can be extremely advantageous for you and it is all included as part of our service to help you make the best decision.

EXTERNAL FACTORS- For More Detailed Report- See Blog Coming Soon

  1. North-Facing Rear v South-Facing Rear
  2. Car access and garaging
  3. Swimming pools
  4. Ventilation
  5. Sunlight- The power of light
  6. Vistas
  7. Noise
  8. Connections
  9. Corner blocks
  10. Facade and street appeal
  11. What to look for in a roof

INTERNAL FACTORS– For More Detailed Report- See Blog Coming Soon

  1. Ceiling heights
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Room requirements
  4. Room use
  5. Zoning
  6. Acoustics
  7. Access
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