Buying an investment can be a great step forward in creating wealth.

By just buy anything and hoping you have bought the best property is not a good strategy.  Investing in property successfully tends not to be a “heart” purchase as a home would be, but a calculated business decision regarding positive cash flow based on research and analysis.

There are many reasons why you may want to use us as your Buyer’s Agent for your next investment purchase.

The purchasing process is not dissimilar to buying a home but certain other factors have to be considered:

  • What is your overall investment goal for this particular property and further investment opportunities? Maybe it’s yield and positive cashflow, is it capital growth, looking property for renovation potential to manufacture short term equity gains, subdivision, adding granny flats or convert/to add dual income to existing property for cashflow or property development.
  • Why do you believe your chosen location is the best location? Will this property assist you in achieving your chosen goals?
  • We can work with your bank, mortgage broker or financial advisor to allow them to create financial projections and how a purchase could impact on your portfolio.
  • With the above information available to us we can then proceed to research, identify, inspect and shortlist properties that meet all your requirements.
  • Taking all the above into account we are then able to negotiate the best price and settlement terms of your chosen investment property.
  • We will always assist you through every stage from the taking the original brief to handing over keys!  That always puts a smile on our faces!


Scott Properties Group Principal Simon Scott and his business partner Sue Scott are experienced personal property investors as well as qualified real estate professionals and understand why keeping you fully informed nurtures confidence and understanding and no question is stupid.  If we don’t know the answer we will get one for you!

Buying a home

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