Our Project Management Services

If you have already purchased a property and you would like to develop and have not already engaged a builder, you can choose to use our project management services.

We are licenced Project Managers so we project manage on your behalf. Why not take advantage of our cost free and no obligation consultation? Our role is to guide you all the way through the process from initial concepts, floor plans, engineering, permits and permissions, tender, building project management and handover.

As your Project Manager, Scott Properties Group will:

  • Evaluate town planning and development issues
  • Undertake detailed feasibility studies including a comprehensive design and cost assessment
  • Obtain town planning permits (DA) if not already approved
  • Prepare full working drawings and project specifications including engineering services and structural plans
  • Preparation and co-ordination of tender documentation
  • Obtain building quotes
  • Appoint a builder on favourable contractual terms, checks all contractual arrangements and oversee the construction from start to finish
  • Source competitive finance for purchase and development
  • Coordinate with real estate agents to lease or sell your property for the best price on completion
  • Keeps you updated every step of the way and most importantly remove the day to day worries of running a real estate development

Should you already have secured the development land and have employed a builder you can use our Project Management Services to ensure that the build remains within budget, within the time frame and within the given DA.


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