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First Time Home Buyer

Scottt Properties Group Purchase and Happy Client

“Hiring Sue and Simon was the best decision my partner and I made about buying a house on the coast. We were hesitant in hiring a buyer’s agent, but we are SOOO glad we did. They worked tirelessly for weeks to find and show us houses that fit our needs. They showed us an array of options, leading us to purchase a house we never would have looked at if it weren’t for them and we couldn’t be happier about it. They more than made up the cost of their fees with knowledge of real estate and investing, familiarity with the area, renovation ideas and advice, and negotiating tactics to get us a far better deal than we ever could ourselves.

Sue and Simon are an incredible power duo that you won’t find anywhere else! With such a huge, important purchase, it is invaluable to have the right expertise and support to help you through the process”

Angie E –  Sunshine Coast

Local Investor


“Sue and Simon worked with me to sell an investment property and buy another. When the property didn’t sell at Auction, their advice and support was invaluable and it ended up selling for more than expected after auction. They found a number of properties which met my brief and fast-tracked the purchase of the ideal property. Simon designed a small renovation which has increased the property’s value and made best use of the space.

Thank you Sue and Simon, your integrity, skills, experience and industry knowledge are outstanding and I’m very happy with the results.”

Megyn –  Sunshine Coast

Local Purchaser

Fantastic service! We would never be able to find a property so quickly and efficiently without Sue and Simon.

Things we liked the most:

Good communication, almost instant replies to all questions and requests;
No need to deal directly with the RE agents, inspection sign ups, marketing calls, etc;
Excellent knowledge of the local market;
Access to the “off-market” properties;
Sense – check of the purchase price;

Big “thank you” from us!
Dmitry and Anna- Sunshine Coast

Local Purchaser

Sue and Simon were both extremely helpful & lovely to work with. Sue was always quick to respond, even at odd hours when the ideas hit! It was great to pass over the organising of inspections, negotiations etc to save me the stress/time of having to do myself. Thanks again to this wonderful team for finding my new home 🙂 
Chloe- Sunshine Coast

First Time Home Buyer

I can’t recommend Sue and Simon enough. We gave Sue the challenge of 6 weeks to find us a house in this crazy Brisbane market, which she keenly accepted. Now I’m sitting here in our new home, fully moved in, already feeling settled in our new life and neighbourhood, laughing in disbelief theres still weeks to spare on that original deadline, thats how quick Sue got things moving for us!

We ended up with an on-market property and the first house we bid on, which makes Sue and Simons contribution even more impressive. As first time buyers, we never would have been able to confidently make the right bid or know what conditions were needed to secure the house, or how fast things would have move in order to beat the competition, but Sue knew.

On top of all that they are super lovely people to deal with, and super approachable, I felt like I was their only client. Worth every penny for the stress and heartache they inevitably saved us from.

Karen- Brisbane

Local Purchaser

My wife and I have been trying to purchase a house in this market for 7 months, with no luck. We had no idea what we were doing wrong or why we weren’t getting any offers across the line.

Sue and Simon quickly showed us what we were doing wrong and any further negotiations done with them were on the money with the offers we presented and our terms.

After only 3 weeks with Sue and Simon we had an offer accepted unconditional in the exact area we wanted. To say we couldn’t have done it without them is an understatememt. I really can’t recommend them enough!

Thank you Sue and Simon for all your expert help and guidance.
Warren and Sharelle -Brisabne

Expat Buyer From Hong Kong

“Greetings from HK., Firstly may I say a big ‘thank you’ for your wonderful assistance and first class communication and assistance.

So impressive.
Thank you”

Richard- London and Hong Kong

Local Purchaser


Thanks for all your help finding a house for me in such a short time.
I have brought many properties in the past but have never used a Buyers Agent before.
It was great to have your knowledge and experience on my side  and thank you for listening to my requirements and making the whole process so easy. I know it is a difficult market at present so bargain hunting is not really the game right now so as a buyer it is necessary  to have your professional help

Kind regards and best wishes to you and Simon for Christmas
Kim- Sunshine Coast

Local Purchaser

What can I say but a huge “thank you” to Sue and Scott. There is no way that I could have got my property for the purchase price that Sue negotiated for me without her expertise and prior planning. The agent later told me that they could easily have achieved $150K more on the sale. The difference was – getting in there fast. Sue was able to see the property before I did. She called me and told me it was the one (because she knew exactly what I was looking for). She had pre-arranged to have the agent wait after the first open to complete a contract.

The owners of the property got a quick sale for their asking price so they were happy and so was I!! Being single, it was a great experience to go through the looking/purchasing journey with someone else who knew their stuff. I would never buy another property without using a buyers agent. What you pay for their services ensures that a. You don’t overspend and b. the legwork is done for you.

Best experience and value for money ever.

Kylie- Sunshine Coast

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