Advise from a Building Designer and Selling Agent’s eye, our Joint Experience

With Simon’s Residential Building Design Portfolio in Australia and specialist commercial and residential architecture in the UK,  combined with Sue’s experience in Real Estate Sales, they  have combined experience of more than 30 years in the property and building industry. They have personally designed and renovated many properties for residential and investment purposes and have over the years gained very good relationships with professionals in all areas of the purchasing procedure. With their experience, they will make sure you will buy the right property at the right price that suits your brief, budget and timescale.

Advise from an Building Designers Eye!

‘Is this property any good?’ “Will it fall down if we renovate?” Is the land worth enough for us to knock down and redevelop without over capitalising?”  These are just some of the key question so many buyers ask and having Simon as an in-house experienced Multi-Award Winning Building Designer through his practice SSB Design Studio, with a keen eye for design functionality, lifestyle and spacial vision, this simply sets us apart from the rest.  Sue is also trained as a Feng Shui Interior Designer so together they come as a package for inspiration and making the bones of a property into whatever dream a buyer may have. No questions are stupid.  They are the experts in the industry and are happy to explain in detail the reasoning behind their answers and the possibilities available for a particular property or project.



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