Are you suffering from PROPERTY PARALYSIS?

Well let’s get some life back into your thought processes and TURN PARALYSIS INTO POSITIVITY🙂

✔Do you have finance preapproval going to waste?

✔Are you currently renting?

✔ Are you wanting to live in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast?

🤔Then just ask yourself WHY ARE YOU STALLING?

Take a look at your own comparison between renting and buying your own property.

Think about this

🤔Do you want to be paying off someone else’s mortgage every month forever?


🙂Would you be more satisfied paying your own mortgage which is on average less than rent?

☕Remember property buying is not a 5-minute purchase like a cup of coffee!

However, reaping the benefits of capital growth and financial freedom in years to come is the main driver for most property owners.

It’s not rocket science to understand that with lowest ever interest rates and Government incentives (see links below including the new HomeBuilder Grant), people are looking to secure the one thing that has proven year on year, to be the creator of a financial nest egg for property owners.

We know, and you know, that Lenders are still Lending and that wouldn’t be happening if they thought they we using funds unwisely…they are out to make money not lose it!

So, before you put the idea of buying your first home into PROPERTY PARALYSIS get as much advice as possible rather than putting it into the too hard basket!

PROPERTY PARALYSIS  is a mindset! Nothing can be achieved without some effort. Below are useful links for you to download:

Queensland First Home Owners Grant


First Home Concession


First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS)


HomeBuilder Grant


We recently interviewed Ian Robinson, Owner of Mortgage Choice Sunshine Coast about the financial opportunities for First Home Buyer’s to receive concessions and grants (as links above) and we are pleased to add this interview for you to listen to.

Ian and Sue (Scott Properties Group)  on First Time Home Buyer

Click Here to Watch

If you need assistance or just want to have 100% support through your buying process, then please reach out we are here to help and advise you.

If you would like to get what others before you have achieved then all you have to do is message us and we can arrange a FREE Strategy chat at a time to suit you.

Scottt Properties Group Purchase and Happy Client

You have nothing to lose but may have a lot to gain! You will never know unless we have that chat!

If you book this FREE STRATEGY MEETING we will forward you our FREE Property Inspection Checklist

Book Cover 3D

Bye for now!

Simon & Sue


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